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Jay M.
214624 xyz
Is Oak View Law Group legitimate for debt settlement?
Is Oak View Law Group legitimate for debt settlement?
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Colleen C.
211961 xyz
Did you get scammed by the MLG Group for debt settlement?
Anyone else out there get scammed by MLG Group in California for debt settlement? If so, I would love to know how much they scammed you for? Also,... Read More »
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bill r.
204369 xyz
email for freedom legal group
Does anyone have a website or email for freedom legal group in foothills ranch ca. thank you
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Cathy F.
179123 xyz
Does anyone have any information in regard to Federal Consumer Relief in Riverside, CA? For some reason NOW THAT I HAVE SIGNED UP I have an uneasy... Read More »
Scams2 Spam?
theresa s.
178886 xyz
do i stay with this company or file personal bankruptcy
i signed up with Howard Feinmel, P.A. in march 2011. i was desperate for someone to help me become debt free. after 2 months now i decided to find... Read More »
Other3 Spam?
177733 xyz
Is there any way to cancel our agreement?
Is it possible for us to get out of the contract made with Bay View Law Group in light of reading the reviews from 2 out of 3 responses? The writte... Read More »
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Joe C.
148692 xyz
Debt Negotiations and debt settlements
has anyone had any experience with "Debt Negotiations Now" from Orange, California?
Business4 Spam?
Emily T.
146999 xyz
Regarding this company...
I recently sign up with EMA regarding my Credit problem. So far I still got phone call from my creditor and also they sending me letter telling me... Read More »
Business1 Spam?
Leonardo G.
139962 xyz
Can somebody tell me what is the best thing to do in a case like this .. Where I go and report it..
This is more than a question this is an advice ... MLG Law Group is a scam ... I usually listen the radio and I know about this company on the radi... Read More »
Business1 Spam?
frank c.
139902 xyz
debt solutions
does any body know if better financial freedom is a scam if so how do you get your money refunded
Business2 Spam?
137539 xyz
Is Negotiate Ligit?
Need to know if is a ligit institution. Website does not work even though the company has a good rating from BBB and TrustLi... Read More »
Business1 Spam?
Dawn W.
137326 xyz
Is the Center for Legal Justice a scam?
I just received a call on my cell phone from Deborah Harrison with the Center of Legal Justice regarding me getting rid of my unsecured debt (credi... Read More »
Business2 Spam?
Kevin B.
137136 xyz
Oak View Law Group, scam??
Oak View Law Group. Many positive reviews yet now the BBB has it rated as "NR"?? Are they still in buisness?? Any information/comments/reviews w... Read More »
Business2 Spam?
137117 xyz
debt settlement
Is this company legitimate?? PLEASE if anyone knows anything about them, please respond.
Business4 Spam?
bill h.
135623 xyz
scammed by hillside mortgage herman padillia and geno padilla
Hillside Mortgage, friends of the heart. I understand I am not the only person scammed by this company. Herman Padillia and his son Geno run this s... Read More »
Business1 Spam?
Kristi D.
136539 xyz
Business Scams
Does anyone know anything or have any advice on The Oliver Law Group for debt management?? I dont want to be scammed!!
Business1 Spam?
Andrea S.
136456 xyz
Does anyone have information about Debt Resolution Center, Irvine,CA
Has anyone dealt with Debt Resolution Center, Irvine,CA? Is it real or is it a scam?
Business2 Spam?
donald h.
136316 xyz
I believe I'm being ripped off
Is BFF a scam debt service?
Business1 Spam?
joseph e.
136176 xyz
coast to coast
has anybody had any dealings with Coast to Coast Home Solutions?
Business3 Spam?
Susie H.
134669 xyz
credit card issues
Anybody has a successful experience with regarding to dept negotiation. The sales rep claimed that, they will negotiate to 90%-100% of... Read More »
Scams1 Spam?
Betty C.
131593 xyz
Who has oversight over these debt consolidators?
Has this company cheated you out of your money? Have any business contact with this company? This company lied and said I signed up April 2010. My... Read More »
Business3 Spam?
Ivonne T.
133366 xyz
I need help
How to get out of Morgan Drexen Program for debt relief.
Scams2 Spam?
M. A. B.
132648 xyz
dealing with guardian client services
has anyone done business with guardian client services and can you tell me did you have a sucessful debt settlement in 36 months or less and how mu... Read More »
Business1 Spam?
richard b.
132139 xyz
is this a reputable company
need to know anything about this business the consumer law group,p.a. boca raton florida 33428
Services2 Spam?
Georgia J.
131615 xyz
Is Freedom Fidelity a Scam...YES YES
Is Freedom Fidelity or Freedom Financial A Scam? YES YES YES!! please do not deal with these scam artists as they are also tied in with GCS anot... Read More »
Scams3 Spam?
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