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Mr. H
195162 xyz
Anyone sell their timeshare to International resort marketing?
Has anyone sold their timeshare to International resort marketing? I didn't believe them, just wondering if anyone went for the $$.
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Rae E.
193954 xyz
Business offering to purchase my Grand Mayan Time Share.
Has anyone done business with Global Event Consulting LLC? 15243 Del Gado Dr, Sherman Oakes, Calif. 91403 They look legitim... Read More »
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Ann marie H.
156494 xyz
time share scams
My husband keeps getting calls from 1st star properties in Tx about selling our time share.They are very persistent .We have been talking of sellin... Read More »
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Sandy R.
153837 xyz
What does it cost to get out of a timeshare with Transfer Smart?
What does it cost to get out of a timeshare thru Transfer Smart? Do I get any money at all for my timeshare? What happens to the timeshare? Who end... Read More »
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Bernadette G.
147878 xyz
TMI Enterprises for Selling Timeshares are they legitimate?
Has anyone heard of TMI Enterprises in West Palm Beach, FL? They are a marketing company that tries to matches buyers and sellers of timeshare prop... Read More »
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Phyllis N.
146342 xyz
How to sell my timeshare
Could use some help in how to go about selling my timeshare. I heard of a company called Transfer America. Anyone know anything about this company?
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debbie b.
141145 xyz
company trustworthy?
is this company legit?
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Cathy L.
140369 xyz
Resort Connections International - Accredited or not? Scam or not?
Resort Connections International - Marketing a timeshare for re-sale is all that is promised for close to a grand. They have advertised accreditati... Read More »
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George P.
140087 xyz
Want to Know if Transfer America is Honest and ligitament.
How do we know that Transfer America is ligitiment when they have only been on the BBB site a short time? How do we know that the customer reviews... Read More »
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Timothy S.
139748 xyz
Timeshare title transfers
Has anyone used a company by the name of Transfer Smart? This is a company that specializes in getting owners out of their Timeshares.
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gayle m.
139692 xyz
How do you come to a price qoute on a Timeshare? What about time already paid for?
Why do we have to PAY YOU to take our Timeshare? We went to another type of business similar to yours, they pitched us a pay quote. At the end they... Read More »
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Lawrence C.
138732 xyz
Legit and reputable? Hotel Timeshare Resales
Hi everyone, re: HOTEL TIMESHARE RESALES Has anyone used this firm for purchase or rentals? Are they legit, rep... Read More »
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Roberta k.
135848 xyz
timeshare scam?
Has anyone heard of The National Children's Association who will let you donate your timeshare to them. They are located in Tampa Fla and ask for $... Read More »
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Yolinda W.
138386 xyz
this sounds like a scam of some kind
Is Instant Results Financial legitimate? I just received my 3rd call from the company and this time from Mike Davidson, Director of Finance. He sai... Read More »
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Marsha V.
137228 xyz
I have been contacted by RCI Now to sell my timeshare. I have already been ripped off for over $1300.00 by two other companies wanting to sell my t... Read More »
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Lisa G.
137150 xyz
Time share resell fraud
My family was contacted by Universal Travel Management this last week, informing us that they have been searching for Timeshares in Mexico. They su... Read More »
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larry s.
136563 xyz
Is selling timeshares to Instant Result Financial a scam??
I also was approached by Instant Result Financial form LA. Ca. To sell my timeshares. I am wondering if anyone has had problems with them or is it... Read More »
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Deb M.
133383 xyz
Is 'The Timeshare Agents' company just another scam?
Has anyone heard of or worked with a timeshare company called 'The Timeshare Agents'. Here is their info: 8391 Bever... Read More »
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Jim D.
136271 xyz
Is Instant Results Financial a scam?
Hi - Has anyone heard of Instant Results Financial based out of Los Angeles, CA? They contacted me and said that they have a buyer for my timeshare... Read More »
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sue c.
136130 xyz
refund from scam
how do I get my refund? nothing signed no return calls i can not get ahold of anybody, HELP?
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Vicki A.
135971 xyz
are all timeshare transfer companies phoney?
Has anyone actually used this company to unload their timeshare? If so, how long did it take and were you satisfied? Are there any legitimate compa... Read More »
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Mark E.
135088 xyz
Has anyone sold a timeshare and been paid with 1st Star Properties Dallas TX?
Has anyone sold a timeshare and been paid with 1st Star Properties? And been paid?
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Earl H.
134684 xyz
I have timeshares to sell, who would you recommend I contact?
Can anyone sugest a ligitimate timeshares company who does not have to have any upfront fee's ie advertising etc..
Travel2 Spam?
106699 xyz
info on a timeshare business in orlando florida
Anyone had any contact with timeshare business "" or mac group services in Orlando, Fl? Been trying to contact company and a Mr Joshu... Read More »
Business2 Spam?
27640 xyz
Excited to redeem your 2 Free Airline Tickets from Global Vacations Marketing Corp!
Don't plan your trip just yet! The mailer received says "We're going crazy to contact you!" and includes what appears to be a copy of 2 legitimate... Read More »
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