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Rose Marie H.
107028 xyz
Response to postings on TrustLink
I have posted responses to these reviews before and it was removed. I have also flagged the reviews and no one ever contacted me regarding what hap... Read More »
Business2 Spam?
William M.
165648 xyz
How can the BBB list this company as B rating with so many complaints?
How can the BBB list this company as B rating with so many complaints? I see a general theme of poor customer service and a great number of reviews... Read More »
Services2 Spam?
Joan B.
162945 xyz
Whys does MyLife have A+ rating?
Why is nothing done to shsut down MYLife? There are numerous letters to BBB and almost all are negative about this compnay. I too was looking up ph... Read More »
Scams5 Spam?
lisa o.
155419 xyz
accredited status & A+ rating ?
how, after 16 complaints filed with the bbb, does this business still hold accredited status & have an A+ rating with them?
Business3 Spam?
Lucien S.
155323 xyz
Why a F rating
Ref Fix Auto North, anyone know why this Auto Body Repair business has a F Rating?
Business4 Spam?
Gwendolyn J.
153571 xyz
Would you do business with a new company who just received "A" rating this year with Better Business? why or why not?
Would you do business with an "A" rated Better Busines Bureau company which was just rated this year--why or why not?
Business0 Spam?
51945 xyz
I've asked this question 3 times in the past year but the problem still exist.WHY IS ANYTIME MOVERS ALLOWED TO CONTINUE TO ADVERTISE THEMSELVES AS... Read More »
Business2 Spam?
138489 xyz
where else to file on this company?
How can BBB expect to maintain any credibility when it gives ebay such a high rating? I am totally blown away with the contradiction. All the revie... Read More »
Business5 Spam?
Amy W.
141123 xyz
How can ebay have an A rating and 1 star in trustlink?
How can ebay have an A rating and 1 star in trustlink?
Business1 Spam?
Judyth S.
137794 xyz
Why still in business?
With the number of complaints filed with BBB, how can they stay in business. I have also filed a complaint, on-line, with the California Attorney G... Read More »
Products1 Spam?
therese b.
135586 xyz
How can all of these banks have such great A& B ratings when they have such a high number of complaints??????????? Other companies have MUCH Fewer... Read More »
Business1 Spam?
Latonya S.
134827 xyz is not A+ worthy.
Why does have an A+ rating. Who did they pay to get it because I can tell you right know the company is not trustworthy. i was told I woul... Read More »
Business1 Spam?
James B.
80592 xyz
What criteria does the BBB use to rate company's?
What criteria does the BBB use to rate company's? I purchased an item from a company that appears to be fraudulently listing backordered items as "... Read More »
Business5 Spam?
Patricia A.
133889 xyz
Are the prices at Ami, realistic?
Are the prices at Ami Club realistic?
Business2 Spam?
51945 xyz
How can I trust the B.B.B.?
How can rosland capital have an a+ rating when they got 4 unresolved complaints in the past 3 months?
Business6 Spam? J.
133646 xyz
How can Green Dot POSSIBLY have an A+ rating?
Is it POSSIBLE green dot has an A+ rating with so many complaints on Trustlink?
Business15 Spam?
none ya
127913 xyz
why F 4 bbb rating
my question is why is the bbb grade an f now when it use to be an A. That is what they used to wheel me in. Please explain why does the company no... Read More »
Business3 Spam?
Tom M.
124535 xyz
what is the rating for La Fitness?
I went on this site to write a review about how when I cancelled a contact with La Fitness, they kept deducting $$$ out of my bank account for year... Read More »
Business3 Spam?
Francisco S.
123009 xyz
Why the BBB has rated this company with a F?
BBB has the Herrera Sindell Group rated with a F. Has anyone experience or know of anyone whos had experience with this company relating to the... Read More »
Business0 Spam?
Marcus W.
120826 xyz
How is it possible for Mesa Garage Doors to have an A- rating?
I would like to know as i sit here scanning BBB companies how a company with no complaints in three years gets a B- rating and a complete sham of a... Read More »
Business1 Spam?
97094 xyz
I cannot comprehend how can possibly grant paypal an A for what? scamming people!?
Why does the better business bureau give paypal an A? Is it based on how fast they pay your fees? I am a business owner and we too have been scamme... Read More »
Business13 Spam?
Pat A.
114649 xyz
C rating?
When a company has a C rating - I guess I can assume that I don't need to do business with them. Is this correct? Also, looking at another com... Read More »
Business1 Spam?
Tom P.
114406 xyz
Unreliable rating and information? Scam?
AA-Careers 2350 Mission College Blvd #925 Santa Clara, CA 95054-1584 Has 2 profiles in Almost every positive review is within a on... Read More »
Scams2 Spam?
marvin d.
114032 xyz
Is it good business to work with companies with B ratings?
With a B rating would you do business with a company?
Services3 Spam?
Rick P.
76395 xyz
BBB question
All Coast Transporters services about 2,000 moves a year with a complaint ratio below 2%. Why do they have a C+? I don't see many complaints anywhe... Read More »
Services4 Spam?
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